Time wasted is money lost. Knowing the right processes, how to get things done, and where to go, is key to making sure funding initiatives happen cost efficiently. ARCHTECH has extensive knowledge and working practice of how to get things done in the world of property finance with simple efficiency and impressive control. With an extensive network of clients and contacts throughout the global financial sector, we are able to introduce those seeking funding to a potential funding source.

Funding requirements may include:

  • Client Equity Participation.
  • Construction Finance.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the property funding and due diligence process, we are able to provide solid guidance and practical assistance on preparing the most effective form of presentation that potential funders and investors may require.

Funder / Investor Services:

  • Develop and analyze the cost budget of any real estate proposal.
  • Due diligence reviews including cost, procurement, construction and quality
  • Site and building purchase due diligence analysis.